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Three Tips for Quality Human-Resources Management

Steven Darien

Formerly the chief human resource officer at Merck & Co., Inc., Steven Darien has served as the chairman and chief executive officer of Cabot Advisory Group, LLC, since 1996. In his current position, Steven Darien provides consulting services for businesses looking to improve in the field of human resources.

The better a company's human-resources management, the more likely employees will stay with the business and remain engaged and productive in their work. Here are three areas of particular importance to achieve this goal:

Communicate well
Frequent communication is one of the most important basics for successful human-resources management. Essential attributes of communicating well include being discrete, taking a positive approach, and listening carefully.

Make it personal
Taking a personal approach to employee relations shows each person the value of their contribution to the team. Getting to know staff as individuals also offers insight into how to motivate each one of them specifically.

3. Lead by example
Leaders who act in ways that are consistent with what they say and fulfill the same expectations they have for employees leave a positive impression on those around them. Their own passion and motivation often provide the best source of inspiration for the team.

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