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The Work of the SHRM’s Advocacy Team

Steven Darien

Since 1996, Steven Darien has served The Cabot Advisory Group, LLC, which offers strategic advice and consultation related to human resources, as its chairman and CEO. Beyond his work, Steven Darien is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), which represents almost 300,000 human resources professionals spread across 165 countries.

Advocacy plays a key role in the work of the SHRM, so the group maintains an Advocacy Team (A-Team) to ensure its members have a voice on policy issues that affect the profession. Comprised of veteran human resources professionals, the A-Team works alongside SHRM members and presents their concerns to state and federal representatives.

The A-Team’s main goal is to create a network of volunteers who will serve as the main sources of information for policy makers in regards to workforce-related challenges. The SHRM hopes to install one of these individuals, which it dubs Advocacy Captains, into each of the United States’ 435 congressional districts.

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