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Swimming - a Full-Body Workout without the Sweat

Steven Darien

Steven Darien served as a force for innovation in the field of human resources throughout a career highlighted by his leadership of human resources at Merck Industries in New Jersey. Now the chairman and CEO of The Cabot Advisory Group, Steven Darien keeps fit by walking and swimming.

Fitness experts generally agree that swimming is among the best total body workouts. Swimming builds endurance, improves cardio performance, strengthens muscles and bones, and improves lung capacity and function.
Swimming also helps control weight. Depending on the intensity, an hour of vigorous swimming can burn as many as 900 calories. As a low-impact, low-resistance exercise with water helping support body weight, swimming is popular among people with joint or tendon issues or other physically limiting conditions, including pregnancy.
In addition to its many physical benefits, swimming can contribute strongly to mental health. Scientific research supports claims that swimming can produce positive mental health outcomes.
As with all exercise, swimming releases endorphins that enhance happiness and contentment. In addition, there’s growing evidence that swimming boosts brain health by reducing stress.

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