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New Kid Touring Theatre Program Addresses Prejudice and Tolerance

Steven Darien

Steven Darien brings more than three decades of human resource management and consulting to his position as the CEO of The Cabot Advisory Group, LLC, in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Beyond his company obligations, Steven Darien serves as the chairman of George Street Playhouse (GSP). The organization’s youth-oriented productions include commissioned and touring theater pieces that include New Kid, a 60-minute production that addresses prejudice and bullying.

New Kid presents the story of an immigrant family that experiences prejudice and mistrust upon arriving in America. The play focuses on fostering understanding for immigrants adjusting to new languages and cultures by telling the story from the immigrant family’s perspective. Taking the matter a step further, the immigrant family comes from a fictitious country and speaks English, while the Americans speak a made-up gibberish language.
GSP’s most successful program, New Kid addresses relevant issues of racism, peer pressure, and conflict resolution and is intended to provoke thought on situations like moving, making friends, feeling like the outsider. The production is designed for kindergarten through sixth grade audiences.

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