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George Street Playhouse’s Austin the Unstoppable

Steven Darien

A New Jersey resident, Steven M. Darien oversees the Cabot Advisory Group as its CEO and chairman. In addition, Steven M. Darien works with the George Street Playhouse as its board chairman.

One of the educational plays staged by the George Street Playhouse is Austin the Unstoppable. Created by Daniel Israel and Barry Wyner, the play is a musical that concentrates on the ways love, support, and hard work can lead to positive change.

Austin the Unstoppable is the story of 11-year-old Austin, a junk food lover and video game player. Austin’s life comes into sharp focus when he discovers his mother has type 2 diabetes. Austin embarks on a journey of discovery by confronting challenges that families often face when they attempt to make healthy choices together.
Sponsored by the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey, Austin the Unstoppable is suitable for children in grades three through eight. The play has been performed to more than 40,000 students since its debut in 2012.

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