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Consequences of an Aging Workforce for Organizational Leadership

Steven Darien

New Jersey-based human resources professional Steven Darien operates as the chairman and CEO of The Cabot Advisory Group, LLC, in Bridgewater. In his leadership role, he advises organizations on a broad range of HR issues.

As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age, the workforce will play host to an increasing percentage of older workers. Considering that many leaders in the business sphere will reach retirement around the same time, companies must prepare for this trend by implementing succession plans. Mid-level managers may also reach retirement age around the same time, meaning that organizations may need to expand their search outside the company walls.

From a talent development perspective, human resources departments can prepare for large-scale retirements by establishing leadership-training programs for younger managers. These younger managers may have subordinates who are much older than them, and human resources departments should provide specialized training for these situations. In the event that inexperienced older adults transition into leadership roles, it is important for companies to provide the same training available to younger candidates.

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